Why Does My Clutch Pedal Feel So Soft?

Texan Auto Repair & Collision advises that if your clutch pedal is no longer resisting the pressure from your foot, it needs to be replaced. As a clutch ages, its internal mechanisms wear down. Once they are worn, the clutch may feel soft or spongy when you depress it. Do not worry. We can inspect the clutch to see the extent of the damage. Based on the shape that the clutch is in, we may be able to repair it. If we are unable to repair it, we will replace it. Here are other signs that your clutch is going bad.

Different Catch Point

Aside from the softness in the clutch, you will also notice a difference in where the catch point is. This is the point at which you shift the gears. Usually, this point starts to get higher as the clutch goes bad. This can make driving your automobile difficult because you are used to the point in a certain place. Unfortunately, the point will not go back to its normal location without an adjustment at a minimum. This being said, this is also a sign that the clutch needs to be replaced.

An Overheating Clutch

Your clutch may also start to overheat if it is going out. This is a sign that the clutch will initially engage when you first press down on it only to disengage by itself even though you haven’t released it. This is called slipping. Unfortunately, a slipping clutch is unable to move the power to the transmission so you can shift the gears and it can turn the drivetrain. Your clutch will smell hot if it is slipping.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

You may also start to have difficulty shifting the gears because the clutch has slipped. As we just mentioned, you need the power to be transferred from the engine to the transmission in order for any gear shift to be seamless. If the power is still with the engine, the gears will grind and the transmission will fight you as you try to move your stick shift.

Hesitating Acceleration

Finally, another sign that the clutch is slipping is hesitating acceleration. This, too, points to the power still being with the engine rather than with the transmission. Consequently, the powerless transmission will be unable to move the drivetrain.

Texan Auto Repair & Collision in Sugar Land, TX, is here to help, so call us today to schedule a service appointment for your clutch.

Photo by microgen from getty images via Canva Pro