The Following Are Signs That Your Suspension Needs Work

Your automobile’s suspension should be inspected every 15,000 miles to make sure everything is operating as it should be. Generally, suspension parts such as the shocks and struts need to be changed every 60,000 miles. Texan Auto Repair & Collision would be happy to inspect your suspension and make any necessary repairs. Here are signs that your suspension needs work.

Feeling Every Bump

One sign that it is time to replace the struts and shocks is feeling every bump in the road over which you drive. This is an indication that the struts and shocks have worn out and are not able to absorb the uneven payment anymore. If it has been over 60,000 miles since you’ve had the shocks and struts replaced, schedule an appointment for this service.

Low-Sitting Corner

If you hear a loud clunk when you drive over a bump, it’s possible that you have broken a suspension spring. One way to check this is to look at your automobile carefully after you have parked it on an even surface. If one of the corners is sitting lower than the other corners, you definitely have a broken suspension spring on that wheel.

Momentum Motion

Talking about the struts and shocks again, however, they are also worn out if you can feel your vehicle’s momentum motion. This means your car will lean to the side when you turn corners, lurch forward when you apply the brakes, and lean backward when you accelerate. Replacing the worn shocks and struts resolves this problem.

Oily Shock Absorbers

Your shocks are also telling you that they need to be replaced if they have oil all over them. Once the shocks start to go bad, they will leak their internal fluid. Consequently, if you touch the shocks, they will feel oily or greasy.

Pulling to the Side

Your vehicle’s suspension also needs work if it is pulling to the side while you drive it. This points to wheels that need to be aligned because they have been knocked out of alignment. As an aside, you should align the wheels every one to two years.

Steering Difficulties

You may also end up having problems steering your automobile if there is something wrong with the suspension. The problem could be with the steering system itself or it could be a cracked axle. Play it safe and have your vehicle towed to our shop if you are having steering difficulties.

Call Texan Auto Repair & Collision in Sugar Land, TX, today to schedule an appointment for a suspension inspection if it has been more than 15,000 miles since your last one.

Photo by yanyong from Getty Images via Canva Pro