Oil changes are very important to the life of an engine. As oil becomes worn it becomes acidic and causes premature engine wear. After too much time has elapsed oil will turn to sludge and clog oil passages that will cause engine damage over time. Texan Auto offers API approved conventional and full synthetic oils of all weights including 0w20 and Dexos1 class oil for the newer GMs.

Full Synthetic Lube, Oil, Filter

100% synthetic oil outperforms all other oil types delivering maxiumum protection against heat, deposits, and wear.

Synthetic Blend Lube, Oil, Filter

Specially formulated to help with tough-on-engine driving conditions such as frequent stopping, hauling, or towing heavy loads.

Conventional Lube, Oil, Filter

Provides excellent engine protection by preventing wear, rust, and corrosion in all climates.

A free 21 point check up is included with every oil change.